Flying Furniture: Unveiling the Art of Suspended Home Decor

by Alivia

When it comes to interior design, homeowners are always seeking innovative ways to breathe life into their spaces. One such innovation that has taken the interior design world by storm is “Suspended Home Decor.” In this article, we will explore this unique and fascinating trend that adds an element of magic to your living spaces.

The Art of Suspended Home Decor

What Is Suspended Home Decor?

Suspended home decor involves the use of furniture and decorative elements that are hung or suspended from ceilings or walls, giving your home a distinctive, gravity-defying look. It’s an art that defies traditional interior design concepts.

The Evolution of Suspended Home Decor

The concept of suspending furniture and decor dates back centuries but has evolved significantly over time. What started as a mere practicality for saving space has now become a symbol of modern aesthetics.

Types of Suspended Furniture

Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are a captivating addition to your home decor. These suspended seats provide a unique blend of comfort and style that is hard to match. Placed in your living room or outdoor spaces, they instantly become a focal point of relaxation. The gentle sway of a hanging chair can be incredibly soothing, making it an ideal spot for unwinding with a good book, a cup of tea, or simply enjoying the scenery outdoors.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a practical and aesthetic solution for those looking to maximize storage space while adding a touch of elegance to their walls. These shelves appear to “float” on your walls because their brackets and supports are hidden, creating a clean and minimalist look. Whether you want to display your favorite books, family photos, or decorative items, floating shelves offer a chic and space-saving way to do so.

Suspended Beds

If you’re looking to elevate the luxury and relaxation factor in your bedroom, suspended beds are the way to go. These beds hang from the ceiling, creating an ethereal and dreamy atmosphere. They not only save floor space but also offer a feeling of weightlessness, contributing to a better night’s sleep. Suspended beds are often seen as a statement piece in modern bedrooms, turning your sleeping space into an extraordinary retreat.

Ceiling-Mounted Plants

For those who have a green thumb and a love for bringing the outdoors inside, ceiling-mounted plants are a unique addition to your decor. These plants are suspended from your ceiling, allowing you to create a green oasis in your home. Whether you opt for trailing vines, hanging planters, or a combination of different species, ceiling-mounted plants add a natural touch to your interior design. They not only purify the air but also create a sense of serenity and tranquility in your living space.

Pros and Cons of Suspended Home Decor

Suspended home decor, while visually striking and innovative, comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s explore these aspects to help you make an informed decision about incorporating suspended decor in your living space.

Pros of Suspended Home Decor:

  • Space-Saving:

One of the most significant advantages of suspended decor is its space-saving feature. By utilizing your vertical space, it frees up valuable floor space, making it ideal for small apartments or rooms where space is limited.

  • Aesthetic Appeal:

Suspended decor adds an element of magic to your living space. It’s a unique and artistic approach to interior design that can become a focal point and conversation starter. The floating or hanging elements create an ethereal and whimsical atmosphere.

  • Versatility:

Suspended decor is highly versatile and can be customized to suit various design styles and room types. Whether you prefer a modern, bohemian, or minimalist look, there are options to fit your aesthetic.

  • Innovative Design:

It’s a testament to human creativity and design innovation. Suspended decor defies traditional interior design concepts, offering a fresh and modern approach to decorating your home.

Cons of Suspended Home Decor:

  • Installation Complexity:

Proper installation is crucial for both safety and aesthetics. Depending on the type of suspended decor, it may require advanced knowledge and tools. Some projects are best left to professionals.

  • Safety Concerns:

Safety is paramount when it comes to suspended decor. Improper installation can lead to accidents, and regular inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure long-term safety.

  • Weight Limits:

Understanding the weight limits of your ceilings and walls is vital. Exceeding these limits can lead to structural damage or accidents.

  • Ceiling Height Restrictions:

The height of your ceilings can limit the type of suspended decor you can use. High ceilings provide more flexibility, while low ceilings may restrict your choices.

  • Cost Considerations:

Depending on the complexity, type, and materials used, suspended decor projects can be costly. It’s essential to budget accordingly and plan for any unexpected expenses.

  • Permanent Fixtures:

Some types of suspended decor can be challenging to remove without causing damage, making them less suitable for rented apartments or spaces where you might want to change the decor frequently.

Installation and Safety

Mounting Considerations

Proper installation is critical for safety and aesthetics. It’s essential to consider weight distribution and structural integrity.

Safety Precautions

Ensuring that your suspended decor is safely installed is paramount. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for long-term safety.

Suspended Decor in Different Rooms

Indeed, suspended decor can work wonders in different rooms of your home, each offering its own distinct charm and functionality. Let’s explore how you can incorporate suspended decor into various spaces:

Living Room

Living rooms are often the heart of a home, and introducing suspended decor here can add a unique element to your space. Consider the following:

  • Hanging Chairs: A suspended hanging chair can become a cozy reading nook or a relaxation spot. It not only adds comfort but also serves as a captivating conversation starter.
  • Suspended Art Pieces: Hanging art or sculptures can create a striking focal point, elevating the visual appeal of your living room. It’s a great way to infuse creativity and personality into the space.


The bedroom is a sanctuary of relaxation and personal expression. Suspended decor in the bedroom can transform it into a dreamy and romantic escape:

  • Suspended Beds: The epitome of luxury, suspended beds hang from the ceiling, providing a feeling of weightlessness. This not only saves floor space but also creates a unique and ethereal atmosphere, ideal for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Canopy Beds: For a twist on the suspended bed concept, consider a canopy bed. It combines the elegance of suspended design with the privacy and coziness of a canopy, making your bedroom feel like a royal retreat.


Kitchens are typically associated with functionality, but they can also be stylish and visually appealing. Incorporating suspended decor can make your kitchen more practical and spacious:

  • Floating Shelves: Adding floating shelves to your kitchen can provide extra storage space for cookware, dishes, and decor. This not only keeps your kitchen organized but also adds a touch of elegance to the room. The ‘floating’ appearance creates a modern and open atmosphere.
  • Hanging Herb Gardens: If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, consider a hanging herb garden. It not only saves counter space but also brings nature into your kitchen, making it a more enjoyable place to prepare meals.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

When it comes to suspended decor, you have the option to either embark on a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project or hire professionals for the installation. Let’s explore the advantages and considerations for each approach:

DIY Projects


  • Cost-Effective: DIY projects often save you money, as you won’t incur labor costs associated with hiring professionals.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Completing a DIY project can be a highly rewarding experience, allowing you to take pride in your creation.
  • Customization: DIY projects offer more creative freedom, enabling you to personalize the design according to your preferences.
  • Learning Opportunity: You can acquire new skills and knowledge, which may be useful for future projects.


  • Skill and Knowledge: Some suspended decor installations can be complex and require specific skills and tools. Lack of experience may lead to mistakes, safety issues, or damage.
  • Time-Consuming: DIY projects can be time-consuming, especially if you need to learn new techniques or troubleshoot issues along the way.
  • Safety Risks: If not done correctly, DIY installations can pose safety risks to you and your home.
  • Limited Warranty: DIY projects may not come with warranties or guarantees, leaving you responsible for any future maintenance or repairs.

Hiring Professionals


  • Expertise: Professional installers have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure proper installation, safety, and aesthetics.
  • Time-Saving: Professionals are typically more efficient, which can save you time and reduce disruption in your home.
  • Safety Assurance: Hiring experts minimizes the risk of accidents or structural damage due to improper installation.
  • Quality Guarantee: Professionals often provide warranties or guarantees on their work, giving you peace of mind.


  • Cost: Professional installation comes with a cost, which can be significantly higher than a DIY project.
  • Less Personalization: While professionals ensure safety and quality, you may have limited creative input in the design.
  • Scheduling: You’ll need to coordinate with the professionals’ schedules, which may not always align with your timeline.

Choosing the Right Approach

The choice between DIY and professional installation largely depends on the complexity of the suspended decor project, your level of expertise, and your budget. Here are some guidelines:

  • For simple suspended decor projects that don’t require extensive knowledge or special tools, DIY may be a suitable and cost-effective option.
  • If the project is complex, involves structural changes, or you have concerns about safety, it’s advisable to hire professionals.
  • Consider a hybrid approach. You can do some aspects of the project yourself while seeking professional assistance for critical components, ensuring safety and structural integrity.

Ultimately, the decision should prioritize safety and the desired outcome. If in doubt, consult with professionals who can assess the project and provide guidance on the best approach.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the longevity of your suspended decor. Cleanliness, inspection, and repairs are essential.

Suspended Decor Trends

Sustainable Designs

The trend of sustainable decor extends to suspended decor, with eco-friendly materials and designs gaining popularity.


Customizing your suspended decor allows you to add a personal touch to your living space.

Technology Integration

Smart technology can be incorporated into suspended decor, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Inspiration for Your Home

Various designs and styles can inspire your suspended decor project. Pinterest and interior design magazines can provide a wealth of ideas.

Challenges in Using Suspended Decor

Weight Limits

Understanding the weight limits of your ceilings and walls is crucial to avoid accidents.

Ceiling Height

The height of your ceilings may limit the type of suspended decor you can use. Consider this when planning your project.

The Future of Suspended Home Decor

The future of suspended home decor holds exciting prospects as design trends evolve to meet the demands and creativity of homeowners. Here are some insights into what we can expect in the world of suspended decor:

Technological Integration:

With the growing influence of smart home technology, suspended decor is likely to incorporate more tech-savvy features. Imagine suspended lights that can be controlled with your smartphone, or floating shelves with built-in wireless charging capabilities. This integration of technology will not only enhance aesthetics but also increase functionality.

Sustainable Designs:

The trend of sustainability is influencing all aspects of design, including suspended decor. We can anticipate more eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting, and designs that prioritize environmental impact. This aligns with the growing awareness of eco-conscious living.


Homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to express their individuality. In the future, suspended decor will offer even more customization options, allowing you to personalize your living spaces with unique and bespoke designs. Whether it’s choosing materials, colors, or shapes, the possibilities will be endless.


As technology and techniques become more accessible, suspended decor will no longer be limited to upscale homes. We can expect more affordable options that cater to a wider range of budgets, making this design trend available to a broader audience.

Collaboration with Artists:

The intersection of art and interior design is a growing trend. Expect collaborations with artists, sculptors, and designers to create unique suspended art pieces that transcend mere functionality and become true works of art within your home.

Educational Resources:

With more homeowners venturing into DIY projects, the future of suspended decor will see an increase in educational resources. This might include tutorials, workshops, and online platforms that help individuals develop the skills needed for safe and creative installations.

Global Inspiration:

Suspended decor will continue to draw inspiration from global design trends. From traditional cultural elements to modern international design, expect a fusion of influences that will make your home a unique reflection of a global perspective.

Health and Wellbeing:

As the importance of mental and physical health gains more recognition, we can anticipate suspended decor that enhances these aspects. Think hanging meditation pods, therapeutic swinging chairs, and suspended gardens that contribute to a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Unexpected:

Finally, the future of suspended decor is bound to bring us the unexpected. As creativity knows no bounds, innovative designers and homeowners will continue to push the envelope, introducing new, surprising, and delightful suspended decor elements that redefine our understanding of interior design.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Furniture Flying Through the Air

Is suspended home decor suitable for small apartments?

Absolutely! It’s an excellent choice for maximizing space in smaller living quarters.

How difficult is it to maintain suspended decor?

Maintenance is relatively straightforward, but regular checks are essential to ensure safety and longevity.

What is the average cost of installing suspended decor?

Costs vary depending on the type of decor and complexity. It’s best to consult with a professional for accurate estimates.

Can I install suspended decor in a rented apartment?

It’s possible but seek permission from your landlord and ensure you can safely remove it without causing damage.

Are there any safety precautions I should take when installing suspended decor?

Yes, understanding weight limits and proper installation techniques are crucial for safety.


Suspended home decor is an art form that challenges traditional interior design norms. It’s a testament to human creativity and the desire to transform living spaces into something extraordinary. So, why keep your decor grounded when you can let it fly?

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