9 Creative Storage Hacks to Declutter Your Bathroom

by Alivia

Is your bathroom overflowing with skincare essentials, shavers, toiletries, and other knick-knacks? It’s time to take the controls back in hand. A cluttered restroom has an unpleasant vibe, bumps stress levels, and is a pain to clean. 

We understand that not all bathrooms come with sufficient square footage. But that doesn’t mean they can’t look well-organized. To tackle this issue, it’s important to find smart storage solutions and declutter effectively.

This is especially true for homeowners in Fishers, IN. The city is in the top 100 places to live in the U.S., making it important for homeowners to keep their properties in top-notch shape.

Here are some ideas to help you maximize the bathroom space in your Fishers home:

1. Replace the Tub with a Shower

Tubs, although luxurious, take up a lot of space. Over time, it all adds up and translates to less storage in the bathroom. So, if you have an unused bathtub, consider replacing it with a shower. A shower enclosure provides more utility for your small bathroom and helps make room for shelves, towel rods, and other fixtures.

Remember, this isn’t a project you can execute on your own. It is recommended to hire credible Fishers bathroom remodeling experts for the job. These professionals can ensure high-quality, premium results. 

2. Get Rid of What You No Longer Need

Expired makeup, broken nail clippers, or a near-empty bottle of body wash don’t have to stay. These products might be eating up useful space on your counter and making your bathroom look messy. So, grab a garbage bag and start getting rid of what you don’t need. Feel free to donate, repurpose, or sell usable items. 

A simple sweep can go a long way in helping you declutter your bathroom. 

3. Store Away What You Don’t Need

There’s a hoarder in each one of us. Whether it’s scented soaps in funky shapes or bath gels in different fragrances, there’s a collection that you don’t want to get rid of.

But what if you don’t have enough space to showcase it all? The solution? Store away the excess items.

Invest in a storage chest, decorative boxes, and baskets that you can store under the sink or on shelves. They’ll look attractive and get the job done. As for the material, go for wicker, cane, or rattan baskets. 

4. Utilize the Wall Space

Don’t forget to utilize the walls in your restroom. Hang on shelves, towel rods, and extra storage boxes that will come in handy when you need them. You can also add floating shelves over the toilet or in a corner. 

If you have a large collection of towels, go for a single rod with various sizes of hooks. This will help you organize them and keep the bathroom neat. Plus, it looks great too! 

Since moisture can damage wood materials, we recommend sticking to plastic or metal storage solutions. 

5. Add Over-the-Door Hooks

Do you have a habit of leaving your PJs over the shower rod? Or your bathrobe on the floor? That’s not really the best way to handle things. 

So, why not get some over-the-door hooks? 

These come in different sizes and can hold a variety of items. Put them on the back of the door or inside the cabinets for a tidy solution. You can hang anything from small spa towels to full-size bathrobes.

6. Have a Cleaning Supply Cabinet

After a tiring day, you want to relax in your tub, looking at your ikat wall hangings and ikebana – not trip over your mop and bucket.

The solution? Find a spot for your cleaning supplies!

You don’t have to buy another cabinet or shelf; just designate one corner of the restroom where all the cleaning stuff will go. Get an open basket or plastic crate, add a liner, and store any scrubbers, brushes, and mops in it. 

Alternatively, you can go the classic route and use your under-the-sink cabinet for the purpose. Out of sight, out of mind. 

7. Get a Multi-Level Trolley or Cart

Still need more room for your bathroom essentials? Invest in a multi-level trolley. Choose one that’s slim, has wheels, and is made of fiber or plastic. These will fit everywhere, be easy to move around, and won’t get damaged from moisture.

To make the most of the space in your trolley, use mason jars to store items like bath bombs, washcloths, and sponges. If there’s enough room for it, you can even add a mini plant in the corner – a touch of nature never hurts.

Plus, these trolleys make it easier to move things around the house – from room to room or floor to floor. So, you’ll always find them useful.

8. Use Caddies for Toiletries

Toiletry caddies can be your best friend when you want to stay organized in the bathroom. They look decent and serve the purpose just right.

You can hang them over the showerhead, near your sink, or on a towel rail. They’re perfect for holding all kinds of items, from face wash and body gel to toothpaste and deodorant. Some caddies even come with separate compartments for everything you may need.

To add a bit more style, consider switching out the plain caddy for one with a modern, sleek design.

9. Use Your Medicine Cabinet

The medicine cabinet isn’t just meant for medicines. You can store other items in it, too. The trick is to maximize the space.

Invest in organizers that can be placed on each shelf and use them to store everything from dental floss to cotton balls. You can also hang magnetic strips or hooks inside the cabinet door for tweezers, nail clippers, and other small grooming tools. Arrange everything in a manner so that the door can be shut without any items falling out.

10. Final Thoughts

Bathroom clutter can often feel too difficult to get rid of. Everything seems important and useful. But is it? If you want to get ahead of the clutter, immediately get rid of the items you don’t need. Once you’re done, equip your restroom with creative storage solutions like caddies, trolleys, and shower rods to make the most of the available space.

It’s not just about cleanliness; it’s about creating a space that’s practical, functional, and ultimately a joy to use. So, take the plunge and start decluttering today.

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