Transform Your Outdoor Space With the Expertise of a Landscape Designer

by Alivia

Landscape designers know how to create an outdoor living space that reflects your lifestyle. They have a creative eye and can envision possibilities that are not immediately apparent.

They understand the climate and terrain and select plants that thrive in your area. 

Retaining Walls

A professional landscape designer can turn your property into a beautiful and functional outdoor living space by incorporating hardscape features and carefully chosen plants. Retaining walls are a popular hardscape feature that can enhance the structure and dimensions of your yard. Retaining walls can also serve as decorative accents in your landscaping. Different designs include straight or curved half-walls and seating walls.

The first step in landscape design is assessing your property’s size, shape, and sunlight exposure. It allows us to craft a personalized plan that matches your lifestyle and the surrounding environment.

Patios and Decks

Patios are paved outdoor seating spaces typically found at ground level outside the back of your home. They are sometimes connected to a deck but can also be standalone structures.

The patio can take nearly any shape and is often surrounded by lush plantings.

A landscape designer will understand the nuances of your outdoor space. They will know how to pitch hardscapes correctly so they drain properly, and they’ll be able to choose the best foliage for your needs. They’ll also be able to advise on how to connect your outdoor space to your interior, if necessary. This project can elevate your yard and make it more usable all year round.

Water Features

Water features can mask unwanted background noise, create a serene atmosphere, and improve air quality. They also encourage wildlife to visit, adding an ecological benefit.

Ponds are the most common landscape water feature homeowners install. They usually require a liner, submersible pump, and regular cleaning to manage algae growth. Ponds are a great option to attract birds and other small animals to your yard.

Modern, pondless water features are also popular and offer the same aesthetic as traditional ones without much maintenance. These self-contained features recycle water from a hidden reservoir, preventing stagnant water and mosquito breeding. They’re also safer for families with children since they don’t pose a risk of drowning. These are the perfect addition to patios and other outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor Fireplaces

A stacked stone outdoor fireplace can add visual interest to your patio, providing a cozy, relaxing spot. Fireplaces can be constructed to match the style of your home and can be fueled by gas or wood.

Landscape designers can help you select the suitable fire feature to suit your needs, including ensuring that local regulations are considered. They can also advise you on the best materials and the appropriate space size for a fire pit or fireplace.


A wall might seem like an insignificant element of your landscape design, but it’s essential in establishing your property lines. Whether it’s a living wall (growing plants on a vertical surface) or other kinds of walls, they help separate your outdoor spaces and define boundaries in your landscape.

A landscape designer can use various techniques to create stunning wall features in your yard. 

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