What Should You Do If Your Home Floods?

by Alivia

You walk into your home only to discover several inches of water covering your floor. A pipe burst, your sump pump failed, or a major storm brought flooding into your house. Panic sets in as you survey the mess and damage. Your first instinct may be to start cleaning it up yourself, but hold up! Flooding can cause serious issues if not properly handled. Instead, take a breath and call the pros at your local water restoration company, such as https://valleydrc.com/. They have the right tools and training to fix the problem correctly. Here’s what you should do next.

Contact Your Insurance Company Most homeowners insurance policies cover some water damage. Report the incident to your agent right away. They can walk you through the next steps, send an adjuster to inspect, and approve mitigation services by a water restoration company. This third-party, unbiased assessment from an insurance adjuster carries a lot of weight in determining the proper response.

Document with Photos While waiting for your adjuster, grab your phone and start snapping pics. Photograph standing water levels from different angles. Zoom in on damage to walls, floors, furniture, and appliances too. This provides proof for the insurance company when filing your claim.

Call a Water Restoration Company

A reputable water restoration company employs certified technicians specially trained in water damage categories, drying methods, and home restoration. They have commercial-grade equipment to extract tons of water quickly. Their detailed process protects your belongings from further damage and inhibits mould growth.

Extract the Water

Technicians will first remove all affected porous materials like carpets, padding, insulation, and drywall higher up on the walls. Standing water gets vacuumed up by truck-mounted extraction units or submersible pumps. Structural drying using air movers and dehumidifiers completes the process.

Dry Out Your Home

Stopping moisture exposure quickly prevents further structural degradation and mould growth. Water restoration experts monitor and document moisture levels and apply anti-microbial treatments as needed. They determine if additional equipment should be deployed or if your home is completely and fully dry.

Restore and Rebuild

Once fully dried out, water remediation specialists repair water damage and rebuild. Damaged items get cleaned or replaced. Tradespeople patch walls, install new flooring and replace cabinets. The water restoration company manages the covered loss mitigation and restoration process from start to finish.

Be Patient

Drying out and restoring a flooded building takes patience and care. Attempting water removal yourself likely worsens the damage. A water restoration company has the right resources to fix your home properly. Working as an advocate for you, they leverage your insurance coverage to put things right.

If your home gets flooded, take quick action by contacting your insurance company and calling water damage professionals. They provide 24/7 emergency response service to start fixing things fast. Their comprehensive mitigation, drying, cleaning and repair services get your house back to pre-loss condition. Let the experts handle it, so you can breathe easier.

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