How to Choose the Right Rustic Chandelier for Your Space

by Subhajit Khara

Lighting sets the mood in a space and can bring your home’s style to life. Adding a chandelier is an easy way to make a bold statement that grabs the attention of your guests.

Choosing the right rustic chandelier requires thoughtful consideration. Use this guide to select the perfect design for your space.


It needs to be the right size to make your chandelier the focal point of your room. Too small and it will look silly; too large and you’ll feel overwhelmed by it. There are a few simple rules to help you get the right dimensions.

One rule of thumb is to use the square footage of your room (in feet) times two to determine how wide a chandelier will be proportional. Another is to use your table size as a guide. Ideally, you want your chandelier to be about a foot less than the width of your table at its widest point.

Whether you’re looking for a modern chandelier rustic or a more traditional chandelier, many options are available to suit your style. Browse our collection of stunning chandeliers to find the perfect piece for your home. We’ve got everything from industrial-inspired metal chandeliers to unique bottle-style fixtures with endless possibilities for personalization.


Choosing the right chandelier for your space involves pairing it with other lighting sources. For example, consider other room decor and whether you need a bright fixture for an open living room or something softer and more subdued for a bedroom.

Chandeliers that resemble branches, plants, and antlers work well with the rustic style. You can also find fixtures with a distressed finish that adds character to any room.

If you want your chandelier to be the room’s focal point, save it for rooms with high ceilings and plenty of grand furniture. For other spaces, you can choose a more minimal design that allows wall sconces or lamps to steal the show. And don’t forget to buy a dimmer switch for your new fixture so you can control its brightness and create the perfect mood for any occasion.

Light Source

The most important factor to consider when selecting a chandelier is the size of the room and how it will be used. If the chandelier is to hang over a dining table, Kase recommends choosing a fixture about a foot less than the room’s width at its widest point to ensure it looks proportional.

The same goes for the length of the chandelier, as it should be about a foot less than the length of the table at its longest point to create an ideal balance of proportions.

A chandelier makes a grand statement in large living rooms and dining spaces and looks spectacular in rooms with vaulted ceilings. They also work well in small rooms as they accentuate a room’s height while adding a focal point that draws the eye and opens the space. A chandelier can be the primary light source in a room or can be complemented by other overhead fixtures such as wall sconces and lamps.


There are many ways to make your home feel rustic, including wood beams and sliding barn doors. Lighting fixtures can also give your home a rustic look and create the cozy cabin feel you want in your bedroom, living room, or foyer.

Rustic chandeliers are show-stopping accents that can make a big impression on guests and family members. They can be used in high-ceilinged rooms and create a dramatic focal point.

Choosing the right size of rustic chandelier for your space is important. You don’t want it to dominate the room, but you also want it to be proportional. If you’re hanging it over a dining table, Kase recommends choosing a one-half to three-quarters of the table’s width chandelier. Choose a smaller chandelier or a shaded option for a more intimate setting to create soft and romantic lighting. You can even get a chandelier with a dimmer switch to control the brightness and create a variety of moods.

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