The Benefits of Hiring Professional French Drain Installers

by Subhajit Khara

Adding French drains to your home can help protect it from flooding and damage caused by excessive groundwater, heavy rain, or melting snow. They also provide aesthetically pleasing drainage pathways that redirect excess water to promote healthy soil and green grass. But installing a French drain isn’t a DIY project for anyone without the proper equipment and experience. 


French drains are an environmentally friendly way to prevent floods and water damage. They can also improve your landscape by redirecting water in aesthetically pleasing ways.

A homeowner trying to dig a trench themselves can run the risk of hitting a water line or gas line. This is a dangerous situation that can result in electrocution or losing power in your home. Most French drain installation experts in NJ have industrial equipment that can dig a trench quickly and safely. They will also contact your city to have any underground utilities marked before digging.

Once the trench is dug, landscaping fabric is laid down. A layer of gravel is then added to promote water absorption and drainage. Finally, the perforated pipe is placed in the trench, sloping at least 1% downwards.

The slope of your French drain is crucial because it will affect how much water the system absorbs. If the drain isn’t sloped properly, it could become clogged with debris or ineffective. Inspecting your drain regularly can help identify any problems with its alignment or incline and allow you to make repairs before it escalates into a larger issue. 


Professional French drain installers use professional-grade equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. They also know how to safely install and repair a drainage system, which homeowners with experience might need help with when doing on their own.

In addition to installing a French drain, they have the knowledge and skills to identify ideal drainage points and work with existing landscaping elements to ensure the new system blends in seamlessly. This will keep your property looking great and protect your home and yard from water damage. When properly installed, French drains route excess water away from your foundation and prevent soil erosion. This protects your property from water damage and can help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

As a safety precaution, before starting work on a French drain installation, professionals contact your local utilities to mark the location of underground pipes. This will help ensure they don’t hit any gas, water, or electrical wires during installation. It’s a simple but important step that many homeowners must remember to take when doing DIY French drain projects on their own.

Once your French drain is installed, maintain it regularly to prevent clogs and recurring problems. Regular maintenance includes:

  • Removing debris and dirt from the drainage pipe.
  • Replacing the filter fabric.
  • Repairing any parts that have been damaged by time or wear.

Saves You Time

French drains are an excellent solution for water damage problems and a great option for improving drainage on your property. However, it is crucial to consider the costs of hiring a professional and the benefits of this investment. Installing a French drain requires digging a trench, laying pipe, and filling it with gravel. This difficult job could be costly for homeowners who choose to do it themselves. The cost of renting equipment to dig the trenches, contacting 811 to have underground utility lines marked, and purchasing or borrowing materials like gravel, pipe, and geotextile fabric can quickly add up.

Many homeowners hire a professional contractor to do their French drain installation to save money on the cost of materials and labor. However, getting two or more quotes for the work is as important as understanding what’s included in each bid. For example, some contractors may only dig the trench and then fill it with gravel, while others may include a soil barrier, a catch basin, and a sump pump in the quote.

Saves You Money

French drains are not expensive to install compared to other drainage solutions, but the cost of hiring a professional is worth it to avoid costly mistakes and protect your home. A professional contractor has experience with installing drainage systems and can ensure your drain is properly installed for years of use. A French drain is essentially a ditch in the ground, but it’s lined with gravel and has a pipe that funnels water away from your house to prevent water damage. It’s an easy solution for homeowners with puddles in their yards or wet basements. It’s also ideal for landscaping sloped areas, as it can help prevent soil erosion and encourage healthy plant growth.

Professionals typically charge a flat rate for their services, which includes a pre-evaluation, excavation, backfilling of the trench and topsoil, all materials, labor, and a sump pump (if applicable). 

If the yard was disturbed during French drain installation, there may be additional costs to reseed or lay down new sod. There’s also the possibility of repairing concrete or other hardscaping elements, which could add up.

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