Natural Light and Fresh Air: The Advantages of the Fakro DXW Flat Roof Window 

by Subhajit Khara

Maximizing natural light and ventilation can make any indoor space more visually appealing, healthier, and more comfortable for home and commercial building occupants. Product experts designed the Fakro DXW flat roof window to enable plenty of daylight to pour in from above while keeping undesirable elements out.   

Featuring a modern design and top-notch finish, the DXW provides both energy efficiency and structural security. In this blog post, you’ll discover the most impressive features and benefits architects, interior designers, and other construction professionals will enjoy if they rely on this roofing component product.  

7 Best-Selling Features of Fakro DXW Flat Roof Window  

The Fakro DXW window has captured the attention of many architectural professionals, thanks to its wide array of user-friendly and high-performing features. Listed below are its seven most sought-after features that architects and designers will love to have for their projects:   

1. Flush Design  

The DXW flat roof window displays a flush design that incorporates flawlessly with roof surfaces. It’s a hidden component that avoids interfering with the roof’s appearance or underlying structure.  

Because of its flush style, architects and designers can easily install the DXW window on terraces and green roofs. The window sits neatly within the roof plane, preserving both the roof aesthetics and the ability to use the space above.  

2. Improved Load Capacity  

Fakro’s DXW window has an enhanced load capacity due to its reinforced design. Its strengthened construction enables the product to hold up an operational load of 500kg/m2 better than typical windows under heavier usage.   

The window can support greater weight on its surface from foot traffic, stored materials, and other roof items placed above. Architects and designers will appreciate the DXW’s improved durability for withstanding heavier loads compared to standard windows.  

3. Anti-Slip Coating  

This flat roof window from Fakro exhibits an anti-slip coating that makes the roof surface non-skid. Product experts applied an exclusive treatment at the factory to the top of the DXW window frame. This special coating helps ensure safe footing in wet weather or other slippery conditions.   

The anti-slip coating transforms this window’s surface into a sturdy, tread-worthy area, preventing slipping and sliding. Architects and designers can confidently specify the DXW, even for roof spaces meant for occasional use during rain or snow. The anti-slip treated surface safeguards workers and helps property owners safely access and maintain equipment on the roof year-round.  

4. Preserved Window Qualities  

The DXW flat roof window maintains key window qualities, even when installed flush with the roof. Although it sits quietly within the roof’s plane, the window continues to provide essential functions of conventional windows. The DXW still lets natural light from the outside enter interior spaces below through its transparent glazing.   

Occupants can also see outward through Fakro’s flat roof window glass and appreciate exterior views. Additionally, the window permits ventilation from opened sashes. Despite its flush integration for terraces and vegetated roofs, it retains integral capabilities expected of typical windows, like illumination, visibility, and airflow. Architects will enjoy how the window preserves core daylighting and view aspects of the home property and commercial buildings.  

5. Laminated Safety Glass  

The DXW flat roof window comprises a safe glazing unit with laminated external glass for increased protection. Product experts toughened the outer glass of the window, granting an extra layer of security.   

It also incorporates laminated interlayers between the panes of its external glass section. This lamination strengthened the glass structurally. Thus, the laminated construction contains all the shards if breakage occurs from impact or other forces. Any debris remains adhered to within the window frame.  

6. Energy Savings  

The Fakro DXW window provides energy savings for building projects. It significantly helps cut heating and cooling expenses by utilizing two key strategies when installed. First, it maximizes natural daylighting to illuminate interior spaces without relying heavily on electric lights, saving money on daily energy use.   

Additionally, it delivers high-performance insulative properties that actively decrease unwanted heat transfer. The natural lighting and robust insulation of the DXW window collaborate to lessen temperature fluctuations within the property and lower costs for conditioning interior air conditioning.  

7. Low Maintenance  

The DXW flat roof window is low maintenance, so owners can easily keep it performing well for many years. However, unlike conventional windows, the DXW demands little servicing to retain its maximum efficiency and energy-saving capabilities throughout its extensive warranty.   

From installation onward, its window system requires minimal upkeeping, such as regular cleaning, to maintain optimal functionality in the long run. Its robust, durable design and construction means repairs or replacements are unlikely to arise.   

This ease of care frees home and commercial establishment owners from excessive service costs or interruptions. With simple maintenance, the DXW window provides quality natural lighting, thermal protection, and other merits with low hassle. Architects and designers appreciate how the high-performing window streamlines long-term care for these clients.  


The Fakro DXW flat roof window offers a complete solution for maximizing natural light in structures while ensuring sturdy performance, energy savings, and low maintenance necessities. Architects, designers, and building owners will admire the DXW’s superb features that benefit occupant experience and operational budgets. With its stylish yet practically designed window unit, architectural pros have an outstanding daylighting and ventilation choice for various commercial and home flat roof applications. 

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